Coyote's Fireside


A coyote therian, Taiwanese, born in 1992.
Amateur translator and total drawing newbie.
Also, loves playing guitar.
Has terrible sense of humor.
Animal lover


1. What happend to the old site?

In 2016, I used Comicpress + Comic Easal plugin for old webcomic site.
However, I found that I don't really need big database for my content.
Plus, I'm not familiar with PHP and SQL thing.
Additionally, the web hosting service I used doesn't serve users from Taiwan anymore.
And it's expensive.Thus, I decided to build the new website and change the web host in 2022.

2. How do you do your comic project?

The tool I'm using is CSP(Clip Studio Paint). And speaking of other "tool" I use in work flow,
I use Fountain for writing my script, which is smiliar to markdown.

3. How often does your comic update?

I draw after day job and in my free time, so not enough time for regular update.

4. What is "Therian"?

In short, Therian believes that they're animal but live in the human body.
You can find english posts and references with relative topics on the internet.
There are only few people talk about this in Taiwan.
So I made a podcast to share my therian experience. Check it out if you're curious about this topic.
However, the podcast is only in Madarin.

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