Coyote's Fireside

Last Updated:2021/10

Buwalki and his pack

Buwalki's img

Buwalki (Male, Coyote)

An orange coyote, who is the author, and also one of the characters in the story.

Emotional and dramatic. Easily gets cocky.

Although he is a wild coyote, somehow he is familiar with human stuff.

First Appearance: Hunting Game

Ignor's img

Ignor (Female, Wolf)

A female wolf with black and white fur.

She is blind, only reacts to light, yet has incredible sense of smell that is better than normal wolf.

Mature, and indifferent.

First Appearance: Hunting Game

Ignor’s backstory: Ignor

Brudo's img

Brudo and Mit
(Male fox and unknown alien)

Brudo is just a normal fox, except there is an alien, Mit, who lives in his throat. Mit hunts for food with his tentacles for Brudo.

Because of Mit, Brudo can’t speak. When he tries to speak, it sounds like getting choked.
And somehow Buwalki and Ignor can understand what he is trying to say.

First Appearance: Hunting Game

Brudo’s backstory: Brudo

Dawang and his teammate

Dawang's img

Dawang (Male, Coyote)

He is a naive coyote, always being distracted, which leads to countless scars on his body.

He is collared with tracking device. He thought it’s the present for him from human.

First Appearance: The Collared One

Zag's img

Zag (Male, Coyote)

After loss of his wife, Zag's figure getting plump due to depression. One of his hind leg got serious injury which made him walks limply.

Later, he had a chance from CHC, and teamed up with Dawang in the end.

Very few coyotes have psychic gift, Zag is one of them.

First Appearance: Fox Paradise

Dawa and his pack

Dawa's img

Dawa (Male, Coyote)

Dawang's elder brother. He is very protective towards Dawang. He watches over Dawang whenever he can.

Also, he always asks Spotty and Pit for help to look after Dawang. Even Dawang left Dawa's pack for learning to be independent, Dawa is still worried about his brother.

First Appearance: Tailly

Spotty's img

Spotty (Male, Coyote)

Spotty follows Dawa, helping hunt and looking after Dawang.

He has tiny spots on his face like freckle.

First Appearance: Tailly

Pit's img

Pit (Male, Coyote)

Pit follows Dawa, helping hunt and looking after Dawang like Spotty.

He is a little bit chubby. He has line eyes.

First Appearance: Tailly

Members from Coyotes Help Coyotes

Luka's img

Luka (Male, Coyote)

Coyote Resources in CHC.
He is resiponsible for management of the CHC members.

He has great memories of scent.
He can memorizes over 100 coyotes' scent, just like a walking database of coyotes.

He loves collecting soda caps, usually wears them as ear accessories.

First Appearance: Fox Paradise


Angus's img

Angus (Male, Coywolf)

Coyote and wolf hybrid.
He is cocky, and think himself is better than other males.

And he is looking for a female mate.

First Appearance: Coywolf


Coyotes Help Coyotes, CHC

A Voluntary group. As long as you are a coyote, you are already in the group.
The main function is "coyotes help each other".

The coyote who works for the group can get rewards like food. Usually, the volunteer coyotes are physically disabled, or they can't hunt for themself. The tasks includes delivery, or babysitting.